Brooke Shaden Fine Art Photography: Moving & Surreal Images

An Interview with the Fine Art Photographer & Film Maker

Between, Photography by Brooke Shaden

Armed with a vivid imagination and her tools for the trade Brooke Shaden embarked in a journey of finding and embracing that inner child. Escaping the mundane realities of everyday life not through denial but through embellishments of her active imagination this visual story teller set about chronicling stories in photographic frame. Born in March, 1987 at Lancaster, PA, and now residing at Los Angeles, Brooke is a real ‘protector of magic’ between the realms of conceptual and fine art photography.

Sarolta Bán: The Unlimited Possibilities of Conceptual Photography

A Tête–à–tête with the Surrealist Photographer

Photography by Sarolta Bán

Sarolta Bán was a jewellery designer till photography caught her fancy. While playing with digital photo-manipulation techniques she fell in love with this art of visual story-telling. Ever since then the girl born in Budapest, Hungary in 1982, produced great works of photography that not only have viewers glued to them but also have the power of ‘conversations’ with the audience with each picture being worth a ‘thousand words’ if not more!

Cesar Augusto Loves Connecting Through Photography

A Chat with the Conceptual Photographer

Landscape Photography by Cesar Augusto

Born in 1969, Havana, Cuba, Cesar Augusto’s introduction to photography has been early through his father, a professional photographer himself. Throughout his teenage years he actively assisted and later worked for many of the studios in Havana. After graduating from Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba’s most prestigious art university, with a major in Motion Picture Directing, in 1994 Cesar embarked on his journey to explore motion pictures and subsequently full time photography.