Ocean Painting: Artists Paint the Changing Moods of the Sea

In the Waves at Kakuda by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

An ocean painting can be full of meaning and hidden depths. Many famous seascape paintings are nothing but a true reflection of the artist’s feelings. We can trace the practice of ocean painting to China. Dutch Golden Age painters made maritime painting famous in Europe. This article will help you discover the birth and perpetuation of nautical art. You will also get to know the artists who have painted some of the most celebrated seascape paintings till date.

Jacquelyn Bischak: Absorbing and Learning

An Interview with Fine Art Painter

The Architect, Painting by Jacquelyn Bischak

The transience of time seems to lose all its impermanence when Jacquelyn Bischak’s brush gently touches the surface of her Belgium Linen canvas. Appearing in deep meditative poses her subjects not only radiate subtle inner beauty but also expose their vulnerability that would otherwise have been carefully kept shielded away from the gaze of the curious onlookers. No surprise then, that Jacquelyn’s knowledge and skills in abstract painting is her close aide even while she is portraying human forms on canvas. For, in doing so, Jacquelyn effortlessly captures the otherwise unfathomable depth of human heart both in its tranquillity and in its ebullience.

Brent Cotton: Exploring the Mood and Drama of Nature

A Conversation with the Fine Art Painter

A Piece of Heaven, Painting by Brent Cotton

In Idaho, Maui or Montana, Brent finds greatest satisfaction in watching mirthful birds, listening to the chirps of cricket or the rustling of dried leaves. But nothing could probably surpass the blissful joy he experiences when he anchors his boat midstream listening intently to the burbling of the flowing water. And those moments of joyful existence is translated by him on canvas. The many symphonies of the river captured from dawn to dusk by the artist, sparkling from inside the frame to immerse the audience in perfect tranquillity.