Shadi Ghadirian: Grace and Delicacy of Portrait Photography

An Interview with the Photographer from Tehran

Miss Butterfly, Photography by Shadi Ghadirian

Born in 1974, Tehran, Iran, Shadi Ghadirian’s exposure to art happened early. She only needed shifting her glance across and thousands of years of history of the country she was brought up in was ever so ready to inform and educate her. From the ancient depiction of relief to the intricacy of Mina-Kari and Khatam-Kari; from the miniature paintings of Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād to the work of Mohammad Ghaffari better known as Kamal-ol-Molk in later years, Iran always threaded rich motifs in art history. Closer home Shadi saw her elder sisters study different expressions of art. However, it was not until she joined University of Art for studying BA in Photography that she delved into the world of visual storytelling.

Peter Kemp: Fine Art Photography with a Vintage Flair

An Interview with Peter Kemp

Moviestar, Photography by Peter Kemp

Peter Kemp shares the same city as once inhabited by legendary painter Vermeer – Delft, Netherlands. And the 52 year old photographer is profoundly affected by the fact. His conceptual artwork on photographic plate bears the intensity of dramatic expressions so essential for an evocative experience of a good story in the frozen moment inside the ornate frame.