The Intricacy of Mosaic by Ed Chapman

An Exclusive Interview with the Mosaic Artist

Jim Morrison, Mosaic Art by Ed Chapman

Born in 1971, Ed Chapman tiptoed into the world of art holding the hands of his artist parents. Playing with pastels or pencils were part of his everyday routine even before he was conscious of his natural gifts. But instead of the more conventional media like acrylic or gouache, Ed Chapman found mosaic to be ideally suited for his artistic expressions. He devoted himself in the exploration of mosaic art and finding his own niche in its illustrious legacy. From ceramic to pieces of paper, smashed vinyl records to plectrums, there is hardly any item with which creating art is not possible for Ed.

Gregory Packard Impressionist Painting: A Simple Sense of Beauty

An Interview with the Artist

Comraderie, Impressionistic painting by Gregory Packard

Gregory Packard was born on 3rd May, 1970 in Boise, Idaho. He studied English literature from Boise State University, Boise, Idaho and graduated in 1996. However, it is the language of nature that attracted him most since his early childhood. A relocation to city early in his life only added further impetus to his yearning to learn and depict the poetry of nature on canvas. Yet, it is not till in his twenties that Gregory truly found the opportunity of exploring the wealth of the art world. A chance visit to Paris brought him face to face with some of the finest works of art and for the first time in his life he experienced the shifting focus of light and playfulness of small brushstrokes on an impressionist canvas.

Iris Scott: The Fine Art Finger Painter

A Conversation with the Artist

Painting by Iris Scott

In 2009, Iris Scott earned her degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Washington State University. But more importantly she took a decision that affected her entire life. She set her sail about and reached Taiwan to dedicate an entire year in honing her skills at painting at a relatively lower cost of living. But the universe had an even bigger surprise in store for her. All of a sudden one day, when, she was busy correcting a little blob of paint with her fingers on canvas an idea struck her—what if the entire scene is set up on canvas through painting with fingers? This fanciful thought did not take much time to be translated into action and there born the first of the ‘impressionist finger paintings’ series.

Catherine Prescott Paintings: Making the Interior Exterior

An Interview with the Artist

Yellow Breeches, Painting by Catherine Prescott

Catherine Prescott completed her graduation from The Colorado College, Colorado, US in 1966. Later in the same year she also attended the graduate painting class in the University of Wisconsin. She gained a formal entry into the world of art. But, inside herself she knew that she was yet to learn the art that she wanted to create. A tour to Spain the next year proved to be an eye–opener for her. The grandeur of European art affected her profoundly and perhaps, for the first time she realised how deeply she cared for art. The experience, that life has so generously infused in next forty five years or so, provided the artist with a perpetual source of inspiration all of which come into play as she continues painting her masterpieces on canvas.

Jean Haines Watercolour Paintings: Creating Magical Effects

An Interview with the Artist

Favourite Winner, Watercolour by Jean Haines

Jean Haines is the recipient of Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award, 2009 and Frank Pullen Award, 2006. Her first book, ‘Colour and Light in Watercolour’, was published in 2010 and the book launch took place at Mall Galleries, London. The same year also saw her to be elected as a full member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists. Her DVD, ‘Amazing Ways with Watercolour’ launched in 2011 has received rich accolades from all over the world.