Jacquelyn Bischak: Absorbing and Learning

An Interview with Fine Art Painter

The Architect, Painting by Jacquelyn Bischak

The transience of time seems to lose all its impermanence when Jacquelyn Bischak’s brush gently touches the surface of her Belgium Linen canvas. Appearing in deep meditative poses her subjects not only radiate subtle inner beauty but also expose their vulnerability that would otherwise have been carefully kept shielded away from the gaze of the curious onlookers. No surprise then, that Jacquelyn’s knowledge and skills in abstract painting is her close aide even while she is portraying human forms on canvas. For, in doing so, Jacquelyn effortlessly captures the otherwise unfathomable depth of human heart both in its tranquillity and in its ebullience.

Tina Spratt Portrait Painting: Capturing the Authentic Moment

An Exclusive Interview with the Figurative Painter

Ambiance, Painting by Tina Spratt

Tina Spratt’s brush seems to have an uncanny ability of understanding the ways of human heart. For it traces every sensations of it and then reveals them on canvas through the characters seated in deep introspection, sometimes beside a half open window at other times beside a stream. The artist from Somerset, England, skilfully uses light for her visual narrative. Thus in the warm glow of sunshine or in the timidity of shadows her art leaves enough hints for the audience to draw their own conclusions.