Vincent Giarrano Figurative Paintings: A True Impression of Life

An Interview with the Artist

Rail Road Apartment, Painting by Vincent Giarrano

Vincent Giarrano was born in 17th November, 1960, Buffalo, New York. Early in his life painting caught his fancy, a passion that he continues nurturing to this day. He completed Master of Fine Arts from Syracuse University in 1985. His works are regularly exhibited in a number galleries including Susan Powell Fine Art, Madison, CT, NYC Viewpoints, 2009, Grenning Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY, Spring Break, 2009 and Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA, Figurative Exhibition, 2008 to name a few. It would not be an exaggeration saying, Vincent’s fingers are firmly placed feeling the pulse of the city.

D McGarren Flack Explores the Amazing Colours of Life

An Interview with the Figurative Painter

I Hate You, Painting by Douglas McGarren Flack

Douglas McGarren Flack was preparing to be a medical doctor. But life seemed to have other ideas for him. A chance visit to National Gallery of Art, Washington DC in 1999 to see a travelling art show exhibiting John Singer Sargent’s paintings opened a Pandora’s Box in front of him. The fluid language of Sargent’s painting revealed, for the first time, the possibilities in the world of art to Douglas. And, he submitted to its charm. After graduating from Brigham Young University in 2002 he joined University of Utah and completed MFA from there in 2008. Like Diego Velázquez, whose work Sargent took a great care in studying, Douglas likes the spontaneous burst of energy that alla prima provides. He masterfully utilises this technique in his visual diary capturing emotions and stories from everyday life.

Larry Moore: Painting from Life

A Conversation with the Artist & Illustrator

Painting by Larry Moore

Very early in his life Larry Moore learnt to value the pleasure of walking barefoot on a spongy carpet of green grass or listening to the rapturous song of the great waves of Atlantic. Even after all these years, the artist absolutely loves being out of door which is self evident from an array of plein air paintings. However, Larry Moore’s success lies in equally admiring the human connections, appreciating the strength of human creativity and having an empathetic view of life instead of turning the face away from society which many are predisposed to do if found at a similar situation. Perhaps, that is why ‘The Sail Maker in Her Studio’ intently busy at completing the task at hand feels equally charming as the allure of nature in ‘Into the Woods’.

Jean Haines Watercolour Paintings: Creating Magical Effects

An Interview with the Artist

Favourite Winner, Watercolour by Jean Haines

Jean Haines is the recipient of Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award, 2009 and Frank Pullen Award, 2006. Her first book, ‘Colour and Light in Watercolour’, was published in 2010 and the book launch took place at Mall Galleries, London. The same year also saw her to be elected as a full member of the SWA, Society for Women Artists. Her DVD, ‘Amazing Ways with Watercolour’ launched in 2011 has received rich accolades from all over the world.

Jacquelyn Bischak: Absorbing and Learning

An Interview with Fine Art Painter

The Architect, Painting by Jacquelyn Bischak

The transience of time seems to lose all its impermanence when Jacquelyn Bischak’s brush gently touches the surface of her Belgium Linen canvas. Appearing in deep meditative poses her subjects not only radiate subtle inner beauty but also expose their vulnerability that would otherwise have been carefully kept shielded away from the gaze of the curious onlookers. No surprise then, that Jacquelyn’s knowledge and skills in abstract painting is her close aide even while she is portraying human forms on canvas. For, in doing so, Jacquelyn effortlessly captures the otherwise unfathomable depth of human heart both in its tranquillity and in its ebullience.