Cecelia Webber and Her Digital Art with Self Portraits

An Interview with the Digital Artist & Painter

Night Owl, Artwork by Cecelia Webber

The poetry of body is captured through lens, transmitted to digital canvas and through careful arrangement of its bends and folds developed a piece of art. Such as the impressionist painter’s of yesteryear whose little brushstrokes caressed the canvas as a part of a grand scheme, Cecelia Webber’s masterpieces are having the brushstrokes replaced with tiny images of human bodies – straight or contorted but always orchestrated seamlessly to tell a story. Born in New Hampshire and current resident of Los Angeles, Cecelia’s art is a telling commentary of the intricacies of human body and mind as hardly seen before.

Clark Goolsby Collage Art: Spontaneous and Unexpected

An Interview with the Collage Artist & Sculptor

In the Distance, Collage art by Clark Goolsby

Born in 1980, Santa Rosa, California and current resident of New York, Clark Goolsby’s imagination has long escaped the velocity to take refugee into the rainbow of the sky that his own hand painted with so much love and care. However, his flights of fancy do not make him apathetic about the concerns of his fellow humankind, the plight of which often intermingle with the intricacy of the design or the bright hues in presentations.

Ben Heine: Multidisciplinary Visual Artist Finds Harmony Between Media

An Interview with the Artist, Photographer and Music Producer

Artwork by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a multidisciplinary visual artist in true sense. He can play drums, piano, guitar, can speak six languages, has a degree in journalism and most importantly can paint and photograph. Two very strong visual media of drawing and photography become unified to create fascinating pieces of art. Success of his project Pencil vs Camera, conceived in April, 2010, is a proof of that. Digital Circlism, another idea materialised around the same point in time blends the best of pop art and pointillism to recreate portraits of famous personalities such as Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury, Johny Depp, Lady Gaga and so on. Flesh and Acrylic is one of his latest projects having started in 2011.