Sometimes it’s not only polite, but merciful to leave things untouched, undiscovered. This installation describes unintentional influence. The vespiary and its cocoons live their own life, murmuring and shimmering in the dark, but if someone comes too close everything is dying away.

I made Cocoons for one exhibition that didn’t take place after all. So now it decorates my ceiling! But that is ok; I like to have them around. I created these small ‘living’ things with horrid appearances and fragile souls.

Heart – An Interactive Music Object

Heart is an interactive music object which reacts on hands moving near it. Chords are programmed in musical matrix and grouped harmonically. Heart ‘captures’ the feeling and the mood of one track but gives an opportunity to compose it in real time. When hands are moving too fast heart screams with different dissonant sounds.

I first came up with the idea of theremin–like musical instrument around the time I entered the Academy (National Academy of Art, Sofia). The next association was a Flёur–band’s self–definition of their musical genre − they call themselves ‘cardiowave’.