Interactive Installation Art – Cocoons

Written by Ekaterina Danilova

Interactive Installation Art by Ekaterina Danilova, Cocoon at Play

Editor’s Note: The interactive installation art, Cocoon, was born out of Ekaterina Danilova’s passion for designing Arduino powered art objects. Her other project known as Heart was also featured on Lucky Compiler. In this article, the artist describes her inspiration behind such an interesting interactive installation art object as Cocoon and the result of the whole experience.

Sometimes it’s not only polite but merciful to leave things untouched, undiscovered. This installation describes unintentional influence. The vespiary and its cocoons live their own life, murmuring and shimmering in the dark, but if someone comes too close everything is dying away.

I made Cocoons for one exhibition that didn’t take place after all. So now it decorates my ceiling! But that is ok; I like to have them around. I created these small ‘living’ things with horrid appearances and fragile souls.

This installation is about keeping a polite distance from things you don’t understand; it is about tact and patience; it is about mercy and privacy; it is about not dictating your will and spreading your way of thinking.

In this project, I used a lot of paper, wires and polyurethane montage foam for the vespiary as well as felt. They blink with large cold-white LEDs. Blinking is programmed in Arduino and I tried to make it look naturally random. I don’t have any sensors for it yet, because of lack of money and not have known where it will be exhibited. But I have recorded ambient sound and noise pieces which are mixing via VVVV-patch which creates a real-time atmospheric soundscape around the vespiary (used them as the soundtrack for the video of the project).

Originally I planned it to be part of the group of site-specific interactive installations inhabiting the whole place, acting differently but united aesthetically and transforming the whole hall to terra incognita, reacting in its own weird way at the human presence.

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