Romancing the Old

An Interview with Peter Kemp

Peter Kemp shares the same city as once inhabited by legendary painter Vermeer – Delft, Netherlands. And the 52 year old photographer is profoundly affected by the fact. His conceptual artwork on photographic plate bears the intensity of dramatic expressions so essential for an evocative experience of a good story in the frozen moment inside the ornate frame.

‘I derive inspiration from the people I see on street, while listening to music, watching movies, or by looking at old paintings. And create my own story in my head that may lead to a new photo project.’

When Images Tell a Story

An Interview with Yulia Gorodinski

Born in 1984, Yulia Gorodinski spent her early childhood in Belarus, the country of her birth. But at twelve she migrated to Israel where she completed her studies with MA in English Literature from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2010. It was in 2007 while she was studying History and English literature at graduate level that she started feeling a connection with the art of photography besides a yearning for self-expression.

Yulia’s work is a monologue, a continuous striving of exploring her own personality and her emotions from within. In her creative discourse she is the model and the photographer. And through her self-portraits she is tearing down the barriers within, that lie in each one of us, in her quest of knowing the ‘self’.

Moving Images

An Interview with Brooke Shaden

Armed with a vivid imagination and her tools for the trade Brooke Shaden embarked in a journey of finding and embracing that inner child. Escaping the mundane realities of everyday life not through denial but through embellishments of her active imagination this visual story teller set about chronicling stories in photographic frame. Born in March, 1987 at Lancaster, PA, and now residing at Los Angeles, Brooke is a real ‘protector of magic’ between the realms of conceptual and fine art photography.

Venturing Into The Unknown

A Peep into the World of Dorin Bofan

Dorin Bofan is a dreamer. And he always aspires to live his life emulating his dreams. ‘Adrift’ in this ocean of marvel called life, Dorin explores the wonders of ‘Light & Space’ even while a corner of his heart remains ‘Earthbound’ throbbing fondly for the forest’s silent choreography or capturing the untold stories of those desiccated leaves of autumn buried deep into their ‘Cold Sleep’.

Experiencing the World at Its Most Sublime

A Conversation with Guy Tal

From a young age Guy Tal loved being outdoors. At one point he borrowed his father’s camera and photographed with it. The experience was etched deeply into his memory. He slightly lost touch with his passion during his late 20s when he was busy building a career in IT. However, soon he realised the increasing sense of void and started yearning to go out in the wild again. His journey into the world of photography, that halted temporarily, had truly begun. Today not only is he known worldwide for his art but also as an acclaimed educator and author.