Invoking Life in Quiescence

The Art of Bruno Logan

Bruno Logan first breathed into an atmosphere of artistic mastery in the year of 1969 in the great city of Paris. Entering into the Derval School of Decoration in 1987 he started learning the tricks of trompe l’œil and experimenting with the techniques used by old masters enthusiastically. Having gained a diploma from the Gobelins School of Paris in 1990, he begun working in several studios producing comic illustrations for television and movies. Finally, the charms of Vermeer and Ingres proved too strong to be ignored any longer and Bruno devoured every minute of his waking hours playing with hyperrealism and trompe l’œil to create successive masterpieces. In 2010 he was awarded the honorary title of ‘Academicien en Degre Superieur’ by the Academy of Beaux Arts in Saint Louis.

Using Imagination

A Conversation with Kurt Wenner

The history of street painting could be traced back to the sixteenth century Italy where artists replicated their commissioned artworks from cathedral etc to the streets of northern Italy. Artists came to be known as ‘madonnari’ as they often reproduced images of Madonna. Sometimes earning their living solely depended on the coins thrown onto their work as a token of appreciation from passers - by.

After completion of studies from Rhode Island School of Design and Art Center College of Design and serving a stint with NASA as an advanced scientific space Illustrator Kurt Wenner was finally forced to pay heed to his heart’s desire. In 1982 he left NASA for Italy to explore more of Renaissance classicism. He became the first American artist to win the top prize at the Grazie di Curtatone competition for three consecutive years and received the title Master Street Painter. In 1985, National Geographic documented Kurt’s unique and innovative works of art in their award winning film Masterpieces in Chalk.

Beauty of Creation

An Interview with Guy Laramée

An interdisciplinary artist, playwright, director, litterateur, music composer, musical instrument designer, singer, song writer, sculptor, painter and book artist Guy Laramée has received more than 30 art grants. He was also awarded the Canada Council’s Joseph S. Stauffer award for musical composition. He directed short films like Marche de Nuit, with Henri-Louis Chalem, 1996; CrystalKey Bee, 1997. As a part of his master’s thesis he also researched in the concepts of creativity and imagination among contemporary artists at Concordia University, 2002. A book artist, he also earned a degree in visual arts from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Montreal, 2004.

Guy is in preparation for his forthcoming exhibition titled ‘Rebound: Dissections and Excavations in Book Arts’, Halsey Institute, South Carolina, USA.

Inside a Creative Mind

An Interview with Adam Martinakis

Born in 1972, Luben, Poland, Adam Martinakis spent his early childhood in Poland before moving on to Athens, Greece in 1982. After completing his studies at Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Faculty of Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts, and Industrial Design, he started experimenting with 3d computer generated visual art. For over a decade now his unique masterpieces have received critical acclaim and award of excellence including Excellence Abstract & Design award, EXPOSÉ 10 in 2012. He is also a three time winner of international art competition at Luxembourg, 2009, 2010 and 2011. He took time out of his busy schedule to share his opinions about his work and life in general.


Sometimes it’s not only polite, but merciful to leave things untouched, undiscovered. This installation describes unintentional influence. The vespiary and its cocoons live their own life, murmuring and shimmering in the dark, but if someone comes too close everything is dying away.

I made Cocoons for one exhibition that didn’t take place after all. So now it decorates my ceiling! But that is ok; I like to have them around. I created these small ‘living’ things with horrid appearances and fragile souls.