Filled With Wonder

An Interview with Gavin Worth

Gavin Worth is a thirsty traveller by choice or under the circumstances. It all started at the age of two when he left Zimbabwe where he was born in 1981 and along with the family shifted to New Mexico. Artist in Residence − Matha, France earlier this year and recipient of Best Visual Art Award − Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2010 Gavin graduated with a degree in Acting, and after college, worked as an actor and musician for the Santa Fe Shakespeare Festival, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, and the California Shakespeare Theater. But drawing, painting and sculptures remained his lifelong passions. From ‘Sunrise’, ‘Reflecting’ at the ‘Sadness of Solitude’ to touching ‘La Rosa’ or piercing ‘El Corazon’ or giving life back to ‘Surgeon’s Chair’ Gavin’s talent is there to be appreciated. Currently staying at Cairo, Egypt and teaching at the American International School Gavin has articulated about his love of art here.

Conjuring up Visions

An Interview with Patrick Jacobs

‘Peeping Tom’ never had the opportunity of receiving such rich rewards, not such surreal gratification at the least. Yet Patrick Jacobs’s work did precisely so. In looking through the lens of the holes each adult audience of his is perennially ‘Facing or Escaping Reality’.

Born in California, 1971 current resident of Brooklyn, New York Patrick Jacobs travelled far and wide from Florence, Dublin, Berlin, Munich to Mexico City and Osaka with his diorama of ‘Stump with Red Banded Brackets, 2012’, ‘Fly Agaric Cluster #5, 2012’, ‘Fairy Ring with Dandelions, 2010’ to name a few. Through his ‘Otherworldly’ miniature installations Patrick surely manages to capture the ‘little moments that create the mighty ages of eternity’.

Fascinated with Art

An Interview with Janne Parviainen

Born at Kerava, Finland in 1980 Janne Parviainen is a painter, photographer and light graffiti artist attracted by unusual mediums and three dimensional canvases to express his creative self. He looks forward to old glasses of windows to intricately portray the myriad moments of the city on both sides of the glass whereas at night he is out in natural surroundings and desolate places to capture the illuminations of light paintings created in depth of the night’s darkness by him. Let us explore the multiple dimensions of the artist in Janne.

Order, Pattern and Cohesion

An Interview with Judith Braun

From realistic figure paintings of 1980s to experimentations with ‘fingering’ and ‘photocopy’ Judith Ann Braun’s art explored many alleys of life. A journey of both uphill and down dale at different times in her life saw her sometimes expressing herself radically and at other times with more subtlety. Her own life’s tragedies became a soliloquy through her works such as, ‘Weinperson Got Away by the Skin of Her Teat’ and ‘Six Good Cases for Manslaughter’. After a period of severe pecuniary distress and a growing feeling of inner void she consulted tarot in 2003 and picked up one of the most complex cards of the Major Arcana – ‘The Lovers’. But Judith understood the hidden meaning, her creative love was nourished again and the power of life was a victor.

Also a writer herself Judith was born in 1947, Albany, NY and completed her post graduation in Fine Arts from University at Albany, NY. To describe her work it is perhaps better to borrow a few words from her favourite author Dostoyevsky, ‘Right or wrong, it’s very pleasant to break something from time to time’. At Indianapolis Museum her latest creations will be exhibited in a show titled ‘Graphite’ with her fellow contemporary artists from 6th December.

Totally Natural

An Interview with Susan Clinard

Eleanor Roosevelt’s following words reverberate throughout Susan Clinard’s life, ‘The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience’. In actively seeking experiences through her work as a caseworker for foster children in Chicago working on the front lines in the community, schools, hospitals, and justice systems; collaborating with IRIS, a refugee resettlement agency in New Haven; being part of the teaching community (she taught with Gallery 37, an award winning arts education program); or shifting her base from Chicago to New Haven, Connecticut Susan fed her inner artist with life’s ironies to complement her active imagination.

Susan is also greatly influenced by her sister, accomplished Flamenco dancer, choreographer and painter Wendy Clinard. She received her degree in Sculpture and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Michigan in 1995. Susan and her husband Thierry are blessed with two sons Olivier and Léo Augustín.