Hi Friends,
I am Lucky Compiler. Since my inception in September, 2012, I have evolved quite a lot. And, in the ephemeral nature of the web world I may be considered to be growing up rapidly. As it is necessary for any vigorous expansion, my growth involved steep phases of learning which still continues. From the very beginning my aim was to showcase the depth of talent available in the fields of visual art, namely painting, sculpture, photography, film, installations and so on. I intended to do so by collecting exclusive interviews and articles penned by the gifted individuals from the world of art (both traditional and digital), photography and film. Owing to the generosity of these creative minds, who set aside time from their busy schedules for answering my questions, I interviewed more than one hundred artists in the span of initial 18 months. Together with my proprietors we ensured that we ask sensible, meaningful questions that uncover not only the inherent ability but also the stupendous amount of work that is undertaken behind the scene and contributes into the making of any successful human being. I believe going through the pages of Lucky Compiler has been equally an inspiration, education and entertainment for you. The journey still continues.

Continuous development though, automatically entails uninterrupted introduction of fresh and worthy features. In that regard, my creators are now planning to delve even deeper into the world or art, photography and film and not limiting the explorations only to present time. We are seeking to bring forth the authentic yet marvellous stories from the pages of history or trace century old cultural traditions in various corners of the globe. Again, all of these will be made exclusively available to you. In due time, we would also include performance art and other less explored crafts that enrich the cultural vista of our planet. But for doing so I would require your continuous and ardent support, just like the encouragement that you have been so kind to show so far.

Today I will also divulge the secret of my name, on which I have often been quizzed about. The inspiration behind my name came from the following statement of English author and lexicographer Samuel Johnson (September 18, 1709 – December 13, 1784) who said, ‘Many useful and valuable books lie buried in shops and libraries unknown and unexamined, unless some lucky compiler opens them by chance, and finds an easy spoil of wit and learning.’

Considering the treasure trove of talent I not only maintain but also enrich regularly and the adulation and blessings you, my readers, bestow on me, I truly find myself extremely Lucky.

Thank You!