Cameron Davidson: Alone in an Overwhelming Landscape

An Interview with the Photographer

Flower Farm, Florida, USA, Photography by Cameron Davidson

Cameron Davidson is the recipient of Luerzer’s 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide, 2012 & 2010, Landscape Photographer of the year, 2010, International Photography Awards (Aerial Photography) and International Photography Awards (Haiti), 2009, a few to mention from his notable list of achievements. ‘Chesapeake: The Aerial Photography of Cameron Davidson’ is an emotional interlace of Cameron Davidson’s two decade long affair with Chesapeake Bay. Read the full interview to understand and gain that added perspective that Cameron has been so kind to share here with our readers.

Brent Cotton: Exploring the Mood and Drama of Nature

A Conversation with the Fine Art Painter

A Piece of Heaven, Painting by Brent Cotton

In Idaho, Maui or Montana, Brent finds greatest satisfaction in watching mirthful birds, listening to the chirps of cricket or the rustling of dried leaves. But nothing could probably surpass the blissful joy he experiences when he anchors his boat midstream listening intently to the burbling of the flowing water. And those moments of joyful existence is translated by him on canvas. The many symphonies of the river captured from dawn to dusk by the artist, sparkling from inside the frame to immerse the audience in perfect tranquillity.