Storytelling for a Purpose

An Interview with Mark Tipple

Mark Tipple is a documentary filmmaker & photographer from Sydney, Australia and over the last few years has been hailed worldwide for his craft. But much like the vast expanse of the ocean that he has fallen in love with over the years, true appreciation for his art comes from understanding the depth of it. With camera in hand he filmed and photographed the touching story of the youth of Kigamboni Community Center, Tanzania; the aftermath of the much hyped Jakartan dream; the village of Navakai, Fiji ravaged by natural disaster; and the vulnerability of the great white shark in Guadalupe island, Mexico coordinated with his brother Luke Tipple, the marine biologist. Very recently he extended his support for another noteworthy cause led by Surfers against Sewage for their ‘Protect our Waves’ campaign.

Widely appreciated, ‘The Underwater Project’ has added a new dimension in exploring the violence or the passivity of blue and its relationship with man. Mark Tipple’s own words are the bathymetry of the profoundness of his passion.

Romancing the Old

An Interview with Peter Kemp

Peter Kemp shares the same city as once inhabited by legendary painter Vermeer – Delft, Netherlands. And the 52 year old photographer is profoundly affected by the fact. His conceptual artwork on photographic plate bears the intensity of dramatic expressions so essential for an evocative experience of a good story in the frozen moment inside the ornate frame.

‘I derive inspiration from the people I see on street, while listening to music, watching movies, or by looking at old paintings. And create my own story in my head that may lead to a new photo project.’

Uncovering Interior Dialogues

An Interview with Sibylle Peretti

Together with her husband and artist Stephen Paul Day, Sibylle Peretti splits her time between New Orleans, USA and Cologne, Germany since 1996. She completed her MFA in Sculpture and Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cologne and Masters in Glass Making and Design from the State School of Glass in Zwiesel, Germany. But it was in 1992 that a Residency at the CGCA Wheaton Arts, New Jersey brought her first time to USA and commenced a new chapter in her life.

Sibylle’s work has all the elements of a quasi-mythic narrative bordering on the realms of fairy tale and science exploring the vulnerability of children and the pain experienced thereof. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that an old medical book of her grandfather, who was a doctor, with pictures of children suffering from various medical conditions has piqued her interest. Read on to explore and understand the artist and her creations.

When Images Tell a Story

An Interview with Yulia Gorodinski

Born in 1984, Yulia Gorodinski spent her early childhood in Belarus, the country of her birth. But at twelve she migrated to Israel where she completed her studies with MA in English Literature from The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 2010. It was in 2007 while she was studying History and English literature at graduate level that she started feeling a connection with the art of photography besides a yearning for self-expression.

Yulia’s work is a monologue, a continuous striving of exploring her own personality and her emotions from within. In her creative discourse she is the model and the photographer. And through her self-portraits she is tearing down the barriers within, that lie in each one of us, in her quest of knowing the ‘self’.

Of Molten Glass

An Interview with Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard completed BFA from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, in 2000. He tried his hands in printmaking, painting, ceramics and successfully so. Yet, the charm of moulding glass into fascinating shapes became too irresistible an attraction for him and he happily surrendered into the pursuit of exploring the world of glass sculptures for the next decade or so. After a successful tenurity at various glass studios from Santa Fe to the Hill Country of Texas he embarked on his own individual journey in 2006. He relocated to Pacific Northwest where he set up Jeff Ballard Glass. In 2012 Jeff received the prestigious US Arts Envoy grant to travel to Berlin, Germany and develop a glass blowing program for young learners at Berlin Glas e.V.