Moving Images

An Interview with Brooke Shaden

Armed with a vivid imagination and her tools for the trade Brooke Shaden embarked in a journey of finding and embracing that inner child. Escaping the mundane realities of everyday life not through denial but through embellishments of her active imagination this visual story teller set about chronicling stories in photographic frame. Born in March, 1987 at Lancaster, PA, and now residing at Los Angeles, Brooke is a real ‘protector of magic’ between the realms of conceptual and fine art photography.

Visual Diaries

An Interview with Cecelia Webber

The poetry of body is captured through lens, transmitted to digital canvas and through careful arrangement of its bends and folds developed a piece of art. Such as the impressionist painter’s of yesteryear whose little brushstrokes caressed the canvas as a part of a grand scheme, Cecelia Webber’s masterpieces are having the brushstrokes replaced with tiny images of human bodies – straight or contorted but always orchestrated seamlessly to tell a story. Born in New Hampshire and current resident of Los Angeles, Cecelia’s art is a telling commentary of the intricacies of human body and mind as hardly seen before.

Venturing Into The Unknown

A Peep into the World of Dorin Bofan

Dorin Bofan is a dreamer. And he always aspires to live his life emulating his dreams. ‘Adrift’ in this ocean of marvel called life, Dorin explores the wonders of ‘Light & Space’ even while a corner of his heart remains ‘Earthbound’ throbbing fondly for the forest’s silent choreography or capturing the untold stories of those desiccated leaves of autumn buried deep into their ‘Cold Sleep’.

A Playful Poem by Shayna Leib

At a tender age of seven Shayna Leib first saw glassblowing at a local university and was fascinated by it. At California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California she received her BA in philosophy with minors in glass and literature. After initially accepting to pursue PhD in philosophy Shayna chose to study glass at the graduate level and moved to Madison, Wisconsin. It is there that she completed MFA in May, 2003. She also got involved in teaching and researches and served the role of Adjunct Faculty in Department of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison and also Lecturer in Sculpture & Drawing at Department of Art, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. The fluidity of melted glass as well as its capability in capturing a moment frozen in time induced Shayna in being in love and excelling in this art form over the years.

Visible In Patterns

An Interview with Nuala O’Donovan

Armed with her knowledge of three dimensional design and skills in ceramics Nuala O’Donovan delved into the mystical world of patterns and geometry and found herself merrily lost amidst the treasures of the universe. Every now then she creates ceramic sculptures inspired by the elements of nature blended with the sparkle of her own imagination to have the audience simply gaze at those beautiful creations in sheer amazement. Galileo Galilei in The Assayer (Il Saggiatore) wrote that ‘(The universe) is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures.’ Nuala’s sculptures are apt reproductions directly from the pages of that macrocosmic book.