Fionn McCabe Illustrations: A Fluid Personal Iconography

A Conversation with Fionn McCabe

A Big Salty Apology, Artwork by Fionn McCabe

Fionn McCabe studied printmaking at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After completion of his studies there he devoted a number of years working as a commercial printer. This proved to be quite different from his idealized vision of printing and art designing. What seemed to him a way of creative expressions designing and printing cool posters and other artworks turned out to be a 7:30 – 4:30pm job of dreadful monotony. He finally decided to call it a quit and went about his own way as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

Michael Breitung Nature Photography: From a Book of Fantasy

A Chat with the Nature Photographer

Horse Shoe Bend, Photography by Michael Breitung

A professional software engineer residing in Nürnberg, Germany, Michael Breitung fell in love with photographing nature in later half of the past decade. A regular writer for photography magazines such as, Kwerfeldein and Landscape Photography Magazine, Michael loves being surrounded by nature on a mountain cliff or at a river bank all the while capturing the moods of the environment through his eloquent photography.

Jo Hamilton: An Interview with the Crochet Artist

Joe Cotter and the original Outside In Mural, Crochet Art by Jo Hamilton

With the dream of becoming a painter, crochet artist Jo Hamilton completed a degree from the Glasgow School of Art in the early 90s. But the restraints of an academic environment failed to inspire her artist’s mind. So how did Jo Hamilton find her own voice? From where did she learn to make such lively crochet designs which include elaborate portraits and cityscapes? Read her exclusive interview to find out the answers to these questions and more.